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Finalists will be contacted via email to let them know that they've been selected to proceed to the next phase of the program. As a finalist, you'll receive intensive feedback and mentoring from experienced AI engineers. The goal of the mentoring phase is to help you enhance your skills and knowledge in AI engineering, ensuring you are well-prepared for a successful career in the field.

  • Our scholarship program is completely free, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses for participants. Furtheremore, there are absolutely no financial requirements, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their economic background.

  • Participants receive top-tier training in AI engineering, covering a wide range of essential topics and skills needed to excel in the field.

  • Learn from industry-leading professionals and experienced AI engineers who provide insights and practical knowledge.

  • Engage in practical projects and real-world problem-solving scenarios to apply your learning effectively.

Our AI Engineering Scholarship Program is designed to remove financial barriers and provide unparalleled training and resources, ensuring that the next generation of AI engineers can thrive and innovate without limitations.

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  • Basic understanding of Python programming language, with a willingness to learn and improve coding skills.

  • Strong enthusiasm and passion for AI engineering, demonstrated through personal projects, self-study, or participation in related activities.

  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to new technologies and tools commonly used in AI engineering.

  • Good problem-solving skills and the ability to think creatively when faced with challenges.

  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to ask questions, seek help when needed, and collaborate with others effectively.

  • Dedication to continuous learning and improvement in the field of AI engineering.

  • Openness to feedback and willingness to incorporate suggestions for growth and development.

  • A clear understanding of the potential applications and implications of AI technology in various industries.

  • Demonstrated curiosity and initiative in exploring AI-related topics, whether through online courses, books, or hands-on experimentation.


  • Students studying computer science, engineering, mathematics, or related fields, eager to delve into AI engineering.

  • Recent graduates aiming to shift into AI engineering careers, seeking further training and assistance.

  • Non-technical professionals wishing to transition into AI engineering roles, driven to acquire the required skills.

  • Software developers or programmers intrigued by AI applications, keen to deepen their understanding.

  • Career changers from diverse backgrounds with a zeal for AI engineering, aiming to enter the field.

  • Underrepresented individuals in STEM, enthusiastic about AI engineering and seeking mentorship.

  • Freelancers or independent contractors aspiring to broaden their expertise in AI engineering projects.

  • Teachers seeking to incorporate AI concepts into their curriculum and enhance their understanding of AI engineering.

  • Government employees looking to learn more about AI engineering and how to apply it to their work roles.

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